POAGs EBA Negotiating Team - Solidarity With Patrick members

The POAGs EBA negotiating team move a resolution of support to the Patrick members engaged in their own EBA campaign to achieve safety, permanency and decent conditions at work.

To Patrick members


The MUA POAGS National Negotiating committee, meeting in Sydney on 13 January 2011, notes the recent Protected Industrial Action taking place around the country is a great demonstration of practical collective action in support of member's claims in the negotiating process.

The MUA POAGS National Negotiating team also notes the recommendations from the Bulk & General Conference in support of safety and congratulates the action being taken by Patrick members in support of a safer waterfront.

We also note that Patrick members are leading the charge for better Bulk & General conditions for all MUA members working in Bulk & General.

The first day of negotiations with POAGS have demonstrated the belligerence of POAGS and the difficulties that the negotiation committee will have with these negotiations.

All the best in the fight for Your Rights at Work.

In Solidarity

MUA POAGS National Negotiating Team