Pirate Attack Off Malaysia Foiled

Armed pirates board Cape Cosmos bulker off Malaysia, but flee when duty officer sounds the alarm.

Pirates boarded the bulker Cape Cosmos off Malaysia but were warded off, the regional anti-piracy body ReCAAP reported Thursday. 

The attack at 0330 local time on Wednesday y took place off the East Coast's Horsburgh Lighthouse, which marks the eastern end of the Singapore Strait. The pirates were armed with a revolver and a knife, approached by speedboat and boarded using ropes, ReCAAP added.

The duty officer on the 138,102dwt bulker, whose operator is listed as Cyprus Maritime, spotted the intruders and sounded the alarm, which caused the pirates to flee empty handed. 

This was the first reported near Horsburgh Lighthouse since an attack on 4 May 2006, ReCAAP added.

It also warned of a cluster of pirate attacks in the strait, in the waters to the east of Singapore and south of the eastern part of peninsula Malaysia.