Pirate Attack

Russian seafarers taken hostage after a pirate attack on the Greek controlled cargo ship vessel North Spirit in Cameroon.


Russian seafarers were taken hostage after a pirate attack on the Greek controlled cargoship vessel North Spirit” on May 16 in the port of Douala, Cameroon this week.

According to Tradewinds, an armed gang attacked North Spirit, disabled radio and navigation systems, seized the ship’s equipment, valuables, personal belongings of the crew and kidnapped two Russian sailors.

Russian Professional Sailors Union had expressed its concern about safety of two Russian citizens. 

Meanwhile, according to Lloyd’s list, The United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York has called on the Security Council on May 17 to take stronger measures against maritime piracy off the coast of Somalia and announced the possibility of setting up international tribunals for the prosecution of pirates.

“I call on the Security Council, in particular, to shoulder its responsibility with regard to Somalia by undertaking strong and resolute measures in support of a wider political, peacekeeping and peace-building strategy in Somalia…” Assembly president Ali Abdussalam Treki said.

IMO secretary-general Efthimios Mitropoulos also called for a change in strategy, mentioned that: “There are many issues involved, including container security, human trafficking, smuggling, organised crime, and money laundering. Piracy cannot be addressed without taking on these other crimes.”

MEANWHILE Mick Palmer AO APM, Inspector of Transport Security has written to thank MUA National Secretary Paddy Crumlin for making being readily available to assist in the Australian government inquiry into International Piracy and Armed Robbery at Sea.  

"As part of our inquiry process guidelines were developed in lose consultation and cooperation with domestic and international stakeholders," he said.

These guidelines were formally released by the Minister at the 26th assembly of the International Maritime Organisation in London on December 2, 2009 and are now available on the web.