Paying Tribute To Waterside Workers And Seafarers

Minister for Transport Gerry McCarthy today unveiled a mural at Stokes Hill Wharf in tribute to the waterside workers and seafarers who lost their lives during the bombing of Darwin.

"This mural honours the known 23 waterside workers and 48 seafarers who lost their lives in and around Stokes Hill Wharf during of the bombing raids on the 19th of February 1942," Mr McCarthy said.

"It will as act as a powerful entry statement and a reminder of our history to the thousands of families who visit the wharf each year."

Mr McCarthy said the mural helps tell the stories that were associated with the bombing.

"It's understood that there were about 80 wharfies working at what was then called the Town Wharf when the bombs hit," he said.

"It's known that some of the first bombs fell on the recreational shed adjacent to the wharf, killing six men as they were enjoying their morning smoko."

Commissioned by the Darwin Port Corporation for the 70th Anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin, the 3m high and 6m long mural and adjoining interpretive sign was developed by local creative team Associated Advertising & Promotions, Barry Shackleton and illustrator Alex Lehours.

A smaller photographic mural is also installed on a divider screen in the Stokes Hill Wharf eatery area.

A significant service, hosted by the Maritime Union of Australia, will also take place at Stokes Hill Wharf at 9.30am on Sunday.

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