Patrick Wharfies Dance for Charity

The pink crusade has hit the wharves and they have set a challenge

MUA members at Patrick Port Botany have danced for charity to promote the new high-vis range of workwear available from the Jane McGrath foundation. The proceeds of the sale of these items goes towards providing nurses to care for patients in honour of Jane.

Aaron More has put many hours of his own time into negotiating with Patrick to get the hard hats to become part of the work issue and now he has extended his commitment to getting some mates together to perform for a promotional video.

The other generous souls that lent their dancing skills to this production are John Dwyer, Jeff Fenech, Nathen Brown, Luke Dyer and the star of the show is Benny Robertson.

The Maritime Union is very proud of the charitable nature of all our members. Well done to all those involved especially Aaron.

Aaron has put a challenge out to other MUA workplaces to get involved and get your employer to adopt the Pink workwear or make your own video.

Check out the youtube and share with your friends.

For more information on the foundation click here