Oz Dockworkers In Dublin

A delegation of Australian wharfies joined dockworkers from 14 countries on the Dublin docks in a global solidarity mission this month.

The Australian delegation led by Assistant National Secretary Rick Newlyn marched under the Eureka and Australian flags.

Marine Terminals Limited (M.T.L.) is owned by UK based Peel Ports Group which is 49% owned by Deutsche Bank.

The company forced redundancies on a quarter of their workforce including the union delegate and slashed their wages by over 200 Euro's a week. 

"We owe it back to you," said Port Botany wharfie Craig, recalling the 1998 Patrick lockout.  "Victory to the strikers, down with the scabs, long live the unionised Dublin dockers."

Watch to MUA speakers Rick and Jamie Newlyn, Kevin Bracken and Craig hit the mike alongside ILWU brothers Big Bob McEllrath and Ray Familathe.

The solidarity mission was followed by a rally outside Deutche Bank in Sydney on Tuesday September 29

"This is about maritime workers supporting maritime workers around the world. Let us all create the world’s longest picket line, and defend dockworkers dignity and hard fought for conditions," said branch secretary Paul MacLeer.  

In response to the MUA solidarity effort Gerard McDonnell, MTL union wrote on behalf of the Irish dock workers:

"It is my privilege to thank you on behalf of all the striking workers at Marine Terminals Ltd. in Ireland.

"Your visit was a tremendous boost to waning spirits, you will be spoken of regularly, indeed all I hear from the men and women on the picket line is how decent, genuine and great craic you all are.

"Thanks to you our morale has never been higher nor our resolve to win this dispute stronger.  

"It is most unfortunate that you had to return home to beautiful Australia so soon, you will be missed, especially by John Walsh and David Dunne, who both enjoyed your company so much that it may be a while until they enjoy a pint again.