ALCOA and Turnbull Govt Collude to Sell Out Seafarers

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) says the Federal Government has enabled ALCOA sell out Australian seafarers, as the multi-national company moves to sell off its Aussie ship, the M.V. Portland.

The vessel has serviced the ALCOA alumina trade around the Southern and Western coastline for 24 years.

The ALCOA has made the decision to sell the vessel prior to requiring to dry dock it for its 25-year survey.

Despite stating it did not intend to find a replacement vessel and would withdraw from shipping, ALCOA has been granted a temporary licence, which will allow a foreign ship with a $2 an hour crew onto a domestic shipping route.

MUA Assistant National Secretary Ian Bray says the Turnbull Government has sold out more Australian jobs by granting the licence to ALCOA 

“Australian seafarers will be replaced by exploited foreign workers plying a permanent domestic trading route,” Mr Bray said.

“This is nothing more than a continued ideological attack by the Turnbull Government on Australian seafarers and an attack on the maritime industry.”

“ALCOA has enjoyed generations of profits from Australia’s resources and has been heavily subsidized from the public purse but is not prepared to support Australians continued participation in their own domestic industries.”

The MUA fully intends to oppose this move by ALCOA and will do everything in its power to retain the MV Portland or a replacement vessel as a minimum.