NZ Talks Fail, Strike Back On Agenda

Maritime Union of New Zealand workers at Port Chalmers voted down redundancy proposal for the second time

The Maritime Union of New Zealand has rejected future talks with Port Otago on its proposal for 35 redundancies at Port Chalmers, vowing action will be taken "when the first person goes".

 "The proposals will either reduce our conditions of employment and health and safety, or lead to redundancies. Our members will not accept these outcomes," Phil Adams told the local media in August.

The port has had 20 strike-free years, but a dispute looms if redundancy notices are handed out.

MUNZ has received support for the Port Chalmers members' stance from union branches around the country, the International Transport Workers Federation and affiliated Maritime Union of Australia.

Around 200 union members halted work around the port and packed the Union hall yesterday in one of the largest meetings of recent years.

The August stopwork meeting was filmed by local television and can be viewed on their website.