Notice to Members regarding Amalgamation Ballot

A notice to members from Paddy Crumlin, MUA National Secretary regarding the Amalgamation Ballot between the MUA-CFMEU-TCFUA

Dear comrades


As you know Bill Giddins the MUA Returning Officer has been our scrutineer at the AEC count on the Amalgamation Ballot between the MUA CFMEU and TCFUA.


The Ballot count is close to being finalized and the formal declaration is expected from the AEC sometime this week.


What we do know is that the membership of our union has voted overwhelmingly in favor of Amalgamation. The figures we have suggest 87% of our members have voted in favor of the merger, not withstanding the massive media and political campaign by the Turnbull government and other neo liberal and anti trade union interests.


One in two of our membership voted, a much stronger turnout then any of our recent Quadrennial elections ballots over the last 10 years. That participation and the overwhelming endorsement reflects a membership who understand the issues and the importance of the amalgamation in the defense and development of the rights and protections of maritime workers in particular, and miners construction workers and forestry and textile workers more generally.


The processes of the AEC worked against an even higher participation of our membership and a full report on those difficulties will be compiled following the formal declaration.


It has been a Ballot on the preservation of our strong and historical maritime union and the progressive politics and policies that underpin our activities and direction while building a united industrial and political front to ensure that identity and those achievements over generations are preserved and built on at a time of massive and sustained attack from conservative and anti trade union vested interest and elitism.


Congratulations to all who ensured that the truth and importance of the amalgamation was understood by the rank and file of our great union including the Quadrennial Conference , National Council and National Executive, officers, branch committees, delegates and of course the wonderful and genuine rank and file activists that are the heart and fabric of our union and the working class leadership we provide for maritime workers along with all Australian and international working women and men. Rank and file meeting after meeting on the job and at monthly meetings, special meetings and AGMs consistently supported the amalgamation.


We have a proud and courageous membership whose voice has been heard in a way that will help ensure the new union not only preserves our great identity and working class commitment but will also build on that to the benefit of all workers.


Congratulations again comrades, it’s a great day and will ensure we continue to fight from the front for our just rights and entitlements on the job, in our communities and against those that would deny them on the coast, on the wharves , in the offshore industry and in the Ports.


The lead up to the next Federal Election is critical to the defense of our industry and workers rights within the maritime and wider industries.


The TCFUA membership have also overwhelming endorsed the Amalgamation and voted in record participation of members of that union.


The CFMEU leadership together with that of the TCFUA have also extended their congratulations support and solidarity on this historic vote and I have responded to them with our thanks and appreciation for their comradely , transparent and constructive support and solidarity that allowed the trust and belief in the new union to be realized in this manner.


MUA here to stay. CFMEU here for the blue. We say Union, that means Power


In unity