Notice of Place and Time of Ballot Count

In accordance with Sub-Rule 47 (h) of the MUA Rules, the Returning Officer advises that the Ballot Count will commence at approximately 9am on Tuesday, June 16 2015 in the main Boardroom above level 2 at the MUA National Office at 365 Sussex Street, Sydney.

The ballot envelopes will be collected from safe storage that day prior to the Count commencing.  If Candidates wish to have some of their Scrutineers accompany the Returning Officers to collect the Ballot papers from safe storage, it is suggested that the relevant Scrutineers be at the MUA National Office at 8am on the days of collection.

Some candidates are yet to advise the Returning Officer, by Notice, of the identity of their Scrutineers.  The relevant Notice can be found here.

Please also make your Scrutineers aware of the Scrutineers Rights and Responsibilities document which can be found here.