NNSW Takes Solidarity Action with ILWU

On Friday 21 October a group of Young MUA Members from Newcastle took action at Newcastle Port. The group held a protest at the STX Jasmine in solidarity with the ILWU Longview Lockout.

The STX Jasmine is a ship based from the Port of Longview and carries grain from the terminal.

ITF Inspector and MUA Youth Member Ben West, accompanied by Youth Committee Representative Ed Dunne, boarded the ship and spoke to the Skipper.

They delivered a strong message to the skipper - and threatened more action in the future if the Longview Dispute is not resolved. The Skipper thought the Ship was tied up - which it wasn't this time - and was very scared of the two MUA members.

Ben delivered the message that the ITF is a global union federation with 780 trade unions 4.6 millions.  Action against one union - in this case the ILWU - will mean retaliation around the world.

Ben took the skipper to the bridge wing and showed him the MUA boys protesting against the Longview situation at the gate. A good contingent of both wharfies and the youth committee stood strong with banners and chants.

The youth committee and the Northern NSW Branch will be continuing action over the next few weeks and organising a rally.