New Technology To Replace Transtainers

Completely automated 'low frame electric bridges' could eliminate transtainers, The Journal of Commerce Online reports

The Journal of Commerce Online reports:

US terminal operator SSA Marine plans to invest in new container crane technology which, if successful, would triple the box rate and half the labour required to operate the crane.

The Journal of Commerce reports the Seattle-based terminal operator is negotiating with China's Shanghai Zanhua Port Machinery Company on a new system of electrified guide rails to move containers throughout the its Long Beach terminal yard.
The company predicts the new system would triple  throughput capacity on its existing footprint and box moves per-crane would reach 40 to 50 moves per hour.

"The current International Longshore and Warehouse Union contract calls for two drivers per container crane per eight-hour shift. That would be reduced to one driver, and all of the drivers would work from the terminal's control tower," the Journal reports.

A number of US terminals have already reduced man-hours by using optical character readers, cameras and global positioning satellite technology to eliminate work formerly performed manually by marine clerks.

 The company will also have to negotiate with the ILWU under the contract's grievance provisions. Management told the Journal of Commerce that under their contract with the union they can introduce new technology in return for large increases in the benefits paid to longshoremen.

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