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The link has changed for the MUA Employment system for seafarers - You can login to the new database here

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EAS is the union employment system available to all financial members of the Maritime Union of Australia. All members currently seeking work in seafaring should register on the EAS database. Members must be financial, available, qualified and job ready to be on the database.


The list of available members gets is sent to the 200 crewing staff of all of the employers of the classifications the MUA covers.


The EAS database has undergone an overhaul and there are many new features (further information on these new features is below), including:


Resume Template

Notification choices

Certificate uploading

Better format and functionality

Instant update of your details

Links to others services




A standard resume template is available on your member profile. This is not visible to employers. This feature enables you to have your whole resume in the one place, giving you the option to email this onto employers when requested. Should be fully functional by February.




Currently branch staff call or SMS all members on the database twice weekly. You are now able to choose an automatic notification system. In member details you can opt for SMS, Email or NONE.

If you choose Email or SMS you will get an automatic message twice weekly that you MUST reply to. If you fail to reply to the message you will be removed from the database.




You are now able to upload your certificates to your member profile. This will enable you to have a record in the union’s membership system. From February 1, it will be compulsory to upload your certificate for your primary classification. That is, if you are registered for work as an Integrated Rating (IR) you must upload your Certificate of Proficiency as an IR. You will be excluded from the database if you do not add this certificate. It can be uploaded as a document or photo.




The new system is a live update, web-based program, which means any updates you make will be immediately updated on the union membership system. The format is more user-friendly and will be better viewed on the smartphone.




Under this tab you will find direct links to the websites you may need from time to time. They are: MUA Website, MUA Shop, Mining Maritime and Power Credit Union, Maritime Super, RT Health, METL, Hunterlink, White Ribbon, FWA.