MUA Woman's Close Shave - For Charity

Janet Harris made a pledge to shave her hair if she raised $3000 for breast cancer charity

Janet Harris is a proud MUA member, a mother, a seafarer and the employee assistance officer for TT line. 

A month ago she pledged that if people donated $3000 to breast cancer she would shave her long locks and donate the hair for a wig.

Yesterday she was well shy of the target but after some rallying by MUA members, staff and ships crews the target was well exceeded this afternoon reaching more than $3500. 

Janet dropped into her local hair salon and made a sacrifice that will mean more to the people her fundraising helped than she will know.

“The way I see it is I can grow my hair back and some people don’t get a second chance at life”. Janet said.

Janet would like to thank all those that gave so willingly to help her. 

Once again MUA members go out of their way to make a difference. Well done Janet. 

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