MUA Withdraws Protected Action Against Patrick Stevedores

The Maritime Union of Australia has offered to withdraw its legally protected industrial action against Patrick Stevedores which was due to start this weekend (Saturday).

The offer, which came following a conciliatory Fair Work Australia hearing this afternoon (Friday), was made in return for a revised offer on the union's existing log of claims.

After the hearing, MUA Deputy National Secretary Mick Doleman said: "It seems now at the eleventh hour we have made some real progress."

"We have now secured a commitment from Patrick to provide a revised offer on our existing claims by next Tuesday.

"This is the commitment - this, at last, is the certainty - our members have waited for since the stalemate began in January.

"We have also secured a 30-day extension to our legal rights to industrial action as achieved by a ballot which was declared on March 16.

"With the company's offer on the table by Tuesday, negotiations can finally progress in good faith."

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