MUA Welcomes Continued Investigation Into Pearl Diving Death

The Maritime Union of Australia has welcomed WA WorkSafe’s reassurance that it is continuing its investigation into the death of pearl diver Jarrod Hampton.

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Jarrod Hampton was employed by the Paspaley company and died during a pearling operation in Broome in April of this year.

While welcoming WA Worksafe’s clarification, MUA Assistant National Secretary, Ian Bray, called for the authority to ensure the investigation was expedited.

“The MUA welcomes the update from the WA Worksafe Commissioner regarding the ongoing investigation into the death of Jarrod Hampton whilst drift diving for pearls,” Mr Bray said.

“We are pleased that the Worksafe commissioner is taking the investigation seriously and working through all the technical aspects associated with high risk work.

“We are also mindful of the sensitivities surrounding this investigation, particularly the need to have this matter dealt with so the Hampton family can get answers and a degree of resolution.

“To that end, we sincerely hope that the department is providing adequate resources towards the investigation so it doesn’t drag on any longer than is absolutely necessary."