MUA Still Fighting to Retain Offshore Jobs

The Maritime Union of Australia, in conjunction with the Australian Maritime Officers Union, will continue to fight for the right to work in the offshore oil and gas industry.

This week the MUA and the AMOU’s case that the Government had acted contrary to its powers in making a Determination that overrides the Offshore Resources Act was heard in the Federal Court in front of Justice Buchanan. He has reserved his decision, on which the MUA will inform members when it's handed down.

The union continues to meet with crossbench Senators as well as the Labor Party and the Greens to ensure they are kept appraised on our campaign to ensure workers are given priority for projects in the offshore. Senators are also being asked to vote against the Government’s Bill to repeal the Offshore Resources Act.

The MUA opposes using the Maritime Crew Visa (MCV) as a way to undercut current, and hard-fought, conditions and wages in the offshore sector.

National Secretary Paddy Crumlin has vocally condemned the decision undertaken by Assistant Immigration Minister Senator Michealia Cash to run roughshod over the Senate’s Disallowance Motion, which effectively overturns the application of the entire Offshore Resources Act reversed the use of MCVs. Read more here.

The MUA has also set up a fighting to fund to support this case and defend against other anticipated attacks, click here to find out more.

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