MUA Solidarity With South Korean Railway Workers

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Solidarity with Korean Railway Workers. 

Answering the call for further solidarity actions, Australian transport unions joined comrades from other unions outside the South Korean consulate in Sydney today to protest the South Korean government’s rail privatisation agenda.

The Korean Railway Workers Union (KRWU) and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) are engaged in an ongoing struggle to stop the privatisation of public transport.

Late last year, the KRWU reached an agreement with ruling and opposition national assembly members to establish a ‘Subcommittee on the Development of the Rail Industry’ under the National Assembly Committee on Land, Infrastructure and Transport. 

This subcommittee will have a multi- stakeholder advisory board in which the KRWU will participate.

Despite striking for 23 days, the KRWU has so far been unable achieve its central goal of stopping the South Korean government from establishing and licensing a stock company to run a new railway line.

The ITF, unions and community activists in Australia have pledged to continue their international solidarity.

The ITF has sent two separate delegations to South Korea, the second of which included MUA Victoria Branch Secretary Kevin Bracken.