MUA Solidarity With Fijian Seafarers

Image - FijiSeafarersday2013.png
[Picture: FMWA General Secretary, Capt. Tomasi Kete]

With the assistance of a $500 MUA grant, the Fijian Maritime Workers’ Association held the International Seafarers Day on June 25, at the School of Maritime Studies in Suva, Fiji.

The commemoration of the International Seafarers Day 2013 highlighted the need to improve the seafaring industry in Fiji as a fundamental step in improving the social and economic well being of seafarers in Fiji and the nation as a whole.

The media covered the International Seafarers Day in Fiji.


Seafarers from around the country were party of the celebration at the Fiji School of Maritime Studies.

The day gave the public, families, seafarers and retired seafarers a chance to pay tribute to those who had worked tirelessly in providing the best services at sea for the people, and also to remember those who lost their lives in the line of duty.

The event gave the retired seafarers a chance to exchange stories and to discuss issues with young seafarers.

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[Picture: FMWA President Capt. Inoke Ratatodro]


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[Picture: Fijian Seafarers]