MUA Rolling Fund Donated To Kids Hospital

MUA members today presented the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation with a cheque for $27,000 that will be used to buy surgical equipment specifically for children.

Svitzer Linesmen (formerly Stannard Brothers) shut down in March and as a result 27 MUA members were made redundant.

14 members have since gained employment with a new company and several others have been taken on as casual workers.

In closing down, the members had a significant amount in their rolling fund to deal with. Following some discussion, the linesman agreed that they were to donate $27, 000 ($1,000 per member) to the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The cheque was presented to the Foundation by MUA delegates Ian Cameron, Dave Cook and Sydney Assistant Branch Secretary Paul Garrett.

Partnerships Manager for the Children’s Foundation Louise Claridge said “The Paediatric surgeons at Sydney Children’s Hospital are highly trained to treat the complex, delicate and rare surgical conditions of childhood. “

“The Surgery Department urgently needs additional instruments specifically for delicate surgery for cleft lip and palate surgery and hypospadias surgery. Alternate adult general plastic instrument sets are too large and coarse for surgery on infants and as a result we need community support to help us purchase the important surgical instrument sets,” said Miss Claridge.

“We thank the MUA members for this wonderful and selfless donation which will make a considerable difference for the children that require surgery.” Added Miss Claridge.

Sydney Assistant Branch Secretary Paul Garrett said, “What we have seen today represents the selfless nature of maritime workers, and the best spirit that embodies maritime workers to help others. Not because you have to, but because you can,”

“The donation continues a long standing tradition of political activism and social awareness that started with the linesman working at Stannard Brothers many decades ago.” Said Mr Garrett.