MUA Report Replaces Fiction With Fact In Debate Over The Future Of Australian Shipping Industry

The Maritime Union of Australia has today released a detailed critique of the positions of the Australian Logistics Council, timed to coincide with the participation of MUA National Secretary Paddy Crumlin in a high-level panel debate at the ALC’s national forum in Melbourne today.

The report, entitled "MUA Presents: Fact Versus ALC Fiction," contrasts the MUA’s transparent, responsible and economically sound positions — anchored to the national interest — against the ALC’s positions, which are both factually inaccurate and inconsistent.

“Australia needs an open, strait-forward debate about the future of shipping,” Mr Crumlin said.

“While most of the industry has been transparent and objective and argued the merits of robust and economically responsible policy that has the national interest in mind, the ALC has trafficked in arguments that have either no basis in fact or are inconsistent, which does not serve the national interest.”

The full report can be downloaded here