MUA Rally Against ‘Industrial Dogs of War’ Threatening Newcastle’s Harmony

The Maritime Union of Australia today rallied outside the AMMA Industry Briefing in Newcastle to fight against its attack on local jobs and the community.


On the Australian Mines and Metal Association’s agenda was the latest on how to terminate an employee and how to protect a business from “the risk of employee claims.”

“The ‘Industrial Dogs of War’ have come to town and want to attack 30 years of industrial harmony in Newcastle,” MUA Newcastle Branch Secretary Glen Williams said.

“Both workers and the community should fear the presence of AMMA in town, given its main aim is to remove hard-fought for workplace conditions and ultimately rob locals of their jobs.

“Elsewhere in Australia, AMMA has endlessly promoted cheap foreign workers, at the expense of strong local expertise.”

Mr Williams said in Newcastle and the Hunter there’s been a proud spirit of co-operation industrially, with all parties coming together to benefit employers, workers and the community.

“AMMA is a huge threat to the region – it’s not wanted, not needed and not welcome here.”


In WA, AMMA has led a protracted campaign to move seafarers working in the offshore oil and gas industry onto non-union work agreements – axing many conditions currently accepted in the industry.

It’s the latest in a string of attacks co-ordinated by AMMA to build a platform for the removal of Australian seafaring jobs and de-unionise the industry on behalf of the big foreign oil companies.