MUA Quadrennial Election Results

Comrades, please see below the successful candidates for the recent Quadrennial Elections:


In reporting the results I would also like take this opportunity to congratulate all candidates.

All candidates have reinforced the consistent and historical core values of being a membership driven organisation that is accountable to our rules that in turn sustains the ongoing health and sustainability of our great Union’s democratic processes.

I would also particularly like to mention the professional and diligent efforts of our Returning Officer and Deputy Returning Officers on the delivery of the process of administering the election.

They have demonstrated again that this essential mechanism of our union delivers real and accountable leadership for the MUA and the importance that it secures for the industrial, economic and political needs of our membership along with the wider national and international union movement. I would also like to make special recognition of the retiring Officials.

The Union is indebted to your efforts and long commitment in building and securing our union in the interests of our membership.

Your contributions are universally respected and will be greatly missed.

On behalf of the union, officers, staff and membership I would like to thank you and your families for your great service to our union.

Finally, I also genuinely congratulate all new officials, and know that you will continue in the best traditions of the MUA in the building and protection of our union and the membership that rely upon it and our work for the next four years.

In Unity,

Paddy Crumlin


National Office

National Secretary: Paddy Crumlin (Unopposed)

National Women's Representative (Hon): Mich-Elle Myers (Unopposed)

Deputy National Secretary: Will Tracey

Assistant National Secretaries: Ian Bray and Warren Smith



Branch Secretary: Glen Williams (Unopposed)

Deputy Branch Secretary (Hon): Dennis Outram (Unopposed)


Northern Territory

Branch Secretary: Thomas Mayor (Unopposed)

Deputy Branch Secretary (Hon): Andy Burford (Unopposed)




Branch Secretary: Bob Carnegie

Deputy Branch Secretary: Jason Miners

Assistant Branch Secretary: Paul Gallagher


South Australia

Branch Secretary: Jamie Newlyn (Unopposed)

Deputy Branch Secretary (Hon): Clem Clothier (Unopposed)


South New South Wales

Branch Secretary: Garry Keane (Unopposed)

Deputy Branch Secretary (Hon): Robert Paterson (Unopposed)



Branch Secretary: Paul McAleer (Unopposed)

Deputy Branch Secretary: Paul Keating (Unopposed)

Assistant Branch Secretaries: Paul Garrett and Joe Deakin



Branch Secretary: Jason Campbell

Deputy Branch Secretary (Hon): Alisha Bull



Branch Secretary: Joe Italia

Deputy Branch Secretary: Mark Jones

Assistant Branch Secretaries: Jeff Hoy and Robert Patchett


Western Australia

Branch Secretary: Christy Cain (Unopposed)

Deputy Branch Secretary: Adrian Evans (Unopposed)

Assistant Branch Secretaries: Danny Cain (Unopposed) and Jeff Cassar (Unopposed)