MUA Pushes Massive Escalation of Waterfront Safety Campaign

In the wake of the death this week of Anthony Attard, a father of three who was killed doing his job on board the Toll RoRo vessel Tasmanian Achiever, the MUA is gearing up for a massive escalation of the Waterfront Safety Campaign.

Assistant National Secretary Warren Smith, National Safety Officer Matt Goodwin and Victorian Branch Assistant Secretary Robert Patchett spent several days on the job supporting and working with members in the aftermath of this tragedy.

Smith points out that serious issues at Toll include lack of a decent traffic management plan, lack of a dedicated spotter and flagman to coordinate the safe movement of people and vehicles on and off the vessel, lack of commitment to training by Toll, no person in charge at certain times of day, no proper toolbox meetings, no proper post-incident investigation processes, inadequate radios and communication systems, lack of respect or consultation with HSRs, who play a vital role in safety, too much pedestrian movement through the roro operation, workers being required to work alone in cargo care and deck operations.

He also emphasised that Anthony was greatly respected by his workmates, and a proud member of the MUA. Anthony was a delegate and a representative on the EBA committee in the workplace. He was a family man and comrade to all.

The way the workers at Toll have rallied together, united, and supported each other, is a credit to each and every one of them. The wharfies and seafarers at Toll are a class act, there’s no two ways about it.

A full Safety Alert describing the escalation of the campaign can be read here. Print this out and distribute on the job!