MUA Punts On Cath Bowtell In ACTU Race

The Maritime Union of Australia is backing Cath Bowtell in the race for ACTU presidency.

"She's extraordinarily professional, she has the proven ability in both political advocacy and industrial advocacy, she's highly intelligent and she's the safe hands for the presidency," Crumlin says.

"If the ACTU wants to continue to reconfigure itself around getting the job done, and not be about rhetoric or political posturing or even factional posturing, they need to go to the most credible and meritorious person and there's no doubt that's Cath . . . there's Cath and then there's space."

Cath Bowtell played a key role in the union push to have an Australian award cover guest workers on the Australian coast, the ACTU women and work family policy, superannuation and retirement incomes

Sharan Burrow is leaving the ACTU to stand for general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation next year.

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