MUA National Secretary Calls On Queensland Government To Sack Minna Knight

MUA National Secretary Paddy Crumlin has called for the immediate withdrawal of the appointment of AMMA Executive Director, Industry, Ms Minna Knight, as a Commissioner with the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) following her public comments made in the West Australian yesterday.

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Ms Knight accused the MUA of aiming to "create further industrial mayhem" in its support of changes to legislation arising from a federal court ruling in the Allseas case. In this case, the Federal Court ruled that Allseas' ships were not ‘resources installations’ as defined in the Migration Act. But the Australian Government has moved to change the Migration Act to close a loophole whereby guest workers on offshore oil and gas projects are outside the migration zone and are therefore not required to hold a work visa, denying the Government the opportunity to fully regulate the employment arrangements applying to such workers.

"The Allseas decision was an affront to the right of the Government to assert Australia's jurisdiction over its resources and maritime zones," Mr Crumlin said.

"The MUA supports the Government's decision to push legislation to close this loophole – but this is an action by the Australian Government, not an MUA industrial action.

"Just as important, Minna Knight accepted a position on the Queensland IRC, but in her erroneous and biased comments she has disqualified herself from serving on the QIRC which requires that Commissioners adhere to principles of ‘integrity and impartiality’ and ‘promoting the public good’.

"By making rash and irresponsible comments and being clearly wrong on the facts, she is clearly incapable and unwilling to accept those principles.

“Part of promoting the 'public good' is setting an example for every Australian, especially our young people, that ethical standards matter.

“Keeping Knight on the QIRC sends a message: ethics don't matter in society.

"If the Queensland government allows Knight to assume a position on the QIRC, it will be clear to every voter in Queensland that the premier of the state is not interested in enforcing the written ethical policies of the QIRC.

"It should give a clear indication to every voter in Queensland and throughout the nation that Coalition ideology comes first, before ethical behavior and good practice on behalf of the people of Australia,” Mr Crumlin said.