MUA National Council Gives Solidarity To Members On The Araluen Spirit

The Araluen Spirit crew took strong action on Thursday 27 October in defence of Australian shipping jobs.

At MUA National Council this Thursday 27 October, the Council resolved the following in support of the Araluen Spirit crew:

National Council Resolution on Araluen Spirit Stoppage

The MUA national council congratulates the crew of the Araluen Spirit on the courageous stand in defence of Australian shipping.

The crew took a stand in relation to the finishing up of the Araluen Spirit and occupied the vessel at Gore Bay on the 27th October to highlight the precarious nature of Australian shipping and the critical need for shipping reform legislation.

After a six and a half hour stoppage and minutes before the company proceeded with orders against the union, agreement was reached between the MUA, Teekay and Shell for an MOA that will deal with Shell's future shipping business. The in-principle position of the MOA is that if Shell utilise 75% of the volume of the Tandara Spirit in Single Voyage Permits then they will replace the Araluen Spirit. Further that Shell will direct where possible their SVP cargos to an Australian licenced vessel.

National Council recognises the strong stance of the crew and the work of the Sydney Branch in finalising this outcome which will present us with opportunities into the future especially under a reformed shipping regime which is in the process of development by the Federal Labor Government.

In the process of this campaign the MUA National Council also recognises and thanks the AMWU, AWU, CFMEU and the NUW for their support around the Araluen Spirit by way of a joint statement that linked the shipping industry problems to the dire state of Australia's manufacturing industry.