MUA Message To Mining Billionaire

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) had this message (pictured) to mining billionaire Gina Rinehart fly over the Subiaco Oval during the Western Derby on the weekend when the West Coast Eagles took on the Fremantle Dockers.

WA Branch Secretary Chris Cain said: "In the last 72 hours we have had thousands of Australian workers being made redundant and losing their jobs."

"In the last week Gina Rinehart has been calculated to be the richest woman in the world with a nett worth of $29.17 billion, earning $1 million every 30 minutes, she gets approval to import 1700 workers to add to this wealth."

"Our unemployment lines are filled with trained and experienced workers. We have youth unemployment rates in areas like Kwinana of over 27% and we have unacceptably high levels of indigenous unemployment."

"There are another 30 resource projects which can seek to import workers over Australians who are ready, willing and able to start work."

"Corporate fatcats like Chevron, Woodside, Rinehart, BHP, Rio Tinto and Twiggy Forrest, who make billions in profit from our Australian resources, need to sit down immediately with the union movement and fix these local content, traineeships and employment issues for Australia's working future." Mr Cain said.

"Employment opportunities and training need to be the priority, during this time of unprecedented demand for Australian resources. We need to do this now for our children's future."

"Australians should support the union movement's campaign to ensure that our natural wealth profits all Australians."