MUA May Day in Havana

An MUA delegation of 20 join an estimated 300,000 strong rally in Havana for May Day

Federation Secretary General Salvador Valdes Mesa presided over the march in Havana for International Workers Day alongside Cuban President Raul Castro in the Plaza of the Revolution in the capital.

UN General Assembly President Miguel D'Escoto also joined the march with participants of the Non Aligned Movement Coordinating Bureau Ministerial Meeting.

Music and revolutionary slogans broadcast over loud speakers as the hundreds of thousands of Havana residents flooded Revolution Square in the country's annual May Day parade.

The Australian delegation includes rank and file women, youth, veterans and officials from around Australia: branch officials Mick Carr, Qld; Warren Smith, Paul McAleer, Sydney; Dave Schleibs, Victoria; Keith McCorriston, WA; Glen Williams, SNSW;Clem Clothier, SA;Peder Bull, Tasmania; Jim Boyle and Len Covell, SNSW and Mich-Elle Myers, national women's liaison officer; rank and file members Ian Hill, Sean Drury, Silas Newlyn, Michael Firmin, Shane Ralph, Stephen Richardson, Neil Swanson, Mark Johnston; MUA veteran John James and Jamie McMechan, MUA film unit, who is making a May Day film on the visit.