MUA Leads ITF Youth

Paul McAleer, MUA Sydney Branch Secretary, elected as the inaugural chair of the ITF Young Transport Workers Committee with Co-Chair Fatima Aguado from CCOO.

The first ever ITF Young Workers conference at a Congress was held yesterday Tuesday 3rd August.

Twenty MUA participants heard welcoming and congratulatory speeches from ITF President Randall Howard and General Secretary David Cockroft about the enormous amount of work done in the last three years.

Five breakout groups discussed and proposed campaigns and activities around the issues of climate change, precarious work, building the young workers network, campaigning, organising, building stronger unions, and ITF in the workplace. 

The proposals were adopted and a work programme for the next four years was developed and will be finalised by the Committee shortly.

The event was an inspiring demonstration of the energy, capacity and resolve of young workers who want to fight for a better world and a stronger international trade union movement.

A firm action plan will further increase the work carried out by the Committee and members will be updated with any information as it comes.

James Crookall from Brisbane branch was the rapporteur from the conference and he read a resolution to the Climate Change conference the following day.