MUA Elections - Don't Forget to Vote!

The MUA has always been proud of its active, inclusive and democratic elections. Make sure you participate and cast your vote.

The MUA Quaddrennial elections are now on.  All financial members should be receiving their ballot papers by post this week.

Scroll to the bottom of this story to download full information about the candidates and what they stand for.

We are proud of our union's long and rich democratic history - in the past we have had over 90% of eligible voters returning their ballots! This is the highest of any union in Australia!

We encourage you to keep this tradition strong and make sure you vote in this year's elections.  

It's easy to vote, and you don't even have to pay postage to return your ballot papers.  When you receive your ballots in the mail take the time to consider your vote, fill out your form and then post back.  The return envelope is postage paid.

Make sure you post your ballots back in time! The ballot closes at 5pm on Tuesday June 14. Your ballot must be postmarked by this date, and received by 5pm June 20. 


Ballots are going out this week. Wait a few days, but if you don't receive your ballot:

  • Contact the National Returning Officer Phil Byrne : email / call 02 - 9267 9134 
  • Explain you haven't received your ballot/s.
  • You can be issued with new ones and have them posted to you.
  • REMEMBER: there are systems in place to ensure each member can only vote once.

For any questions regarding the elections please contact Phil Byrne, National Returning Officer, on the details above.

The pdf file here has all candidate information.