MUA elections

The following information is provided to members to assist in the preparation for the conduct of the 2011 -2015 Election.

It includes an explanation of the various steps to be taken by members, the National Council, existing officials and the National Returning Officers. The information provided hereunder also contains a timeline summary to assist members. Nominations for the 2011 MUA Election open on Monday 7 March 2011 and close at 5pm on Wednesday 6 April 2011.

The election will then be by a postal ballot of all financial members commencing on Thursday 28 April 2011 and closing at 5pm on Tuesday14 June 2011, in those positions where more than one candidate has validly nominated.

In accordance with the rules National Council has determined that the election shall be for the positions as listed:

NATIONAL OFFICE: National Secretary, 1 position; Deputy National Secretary, 1; Assistant National Secretaries, 2.

QUEENSLAND BRANCH: Branch Secretary, 1;
Deputy Branch Secretary, 1; Assistant Branch Secretary, 1.

NORTHERN NSW: Branch Secretary, 1;
Deputy Branch Secretary (honorary), 1;

SYDNEY BRANCH: Branch Secretary, 1; Deputy Branch Secretary, 1;
Assistant Branch Secretaries, 2.

SOUTHERN NSW: Branch Secretary, 1, Deputy Branch Secretary (honorary) 1.

VICTORIA: Branch Secretary, 1; Deputy Branch Secretary, 1; Assistant Branch Secretaries, 2.

TASMANIA: Branch Secretary, 1; Deputy Branch Secretary (honorary) 1.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA; Branch Secretary 1; Deputy Branch Secretary (honorary) 1.

WEST AUSTRALIA: Branch Secretary, 1; Deputy Branch Secretary, 1; Assistant Branch Secretary 1.

NORTHERN TERRITORY: Branch Secretary (honorary) 1.

Existing officers must notify the National Secretary if they are not standing for office or are standing for another position before Monday 7 February 2011, as per Rule 45 (i), which prohibits an officer of the union from nominating for a different office in the union unless he has given at least 28 days written notice before the opening of nominations.
Members will then be notified of this information by Branch newsletters and the Union website.

A preliminary Roll of Voters and a final Roll of Voters shall be prepared by the National Secretary and provided to the National Returning Officer in accordance with Rule 46.

The Final Roll of Voters in hard copy form may be provided to candidates who make such a request and who provide written confirmation to comply with the Privacy Act 1988. The provision of this material will require the payment of the nominal cost for printing and postage.

Nomination papers will be available in Branch offices or can be downloaded from the MUA Elections page on the MUA website. Nominations are to be in writing, signed by the nominee and two financial members and forwarded by mail or delivered to:

National Returning Officer

Maritime Union of Australia

PO Box 20493,

World Square Sydney,

NSW 2002

Where the nomination papers are forwarded by mail, the nominee shall retain verification of the date and means of postage.

A candidate may enclose a 100-word statement and a head and shoulder photograph with their nomination.

The union will publish candidates’ statements and photos in the Maritime Workers’ Journal to be mailed out to financial members and distributed to branches. Candidates who fail to provide their statement and photo before close of nominations will miss out on publication in the Journal and on the website.

Statements shall require the approval of the National Returning Officer and shall meet requirements of the law. Scandalous or defamatory matter will not be published. Words in excess of the 100-word limit will be deleted from the end of the statement in conformity with Rule 45(k).

Only financial members who have been a member for at least one year at the close of nominations are eligible to nominate as required by Rule 45 (g).

No member shall be eligible to nominate for more than one office as prescribed in Rule 45 (h). If a member nominates for more than one such office, both nominations shall be void.

In the event of two or more candidates being nominated for any office, the National Returning Officer [as prescribed in Rule 47 (b)(i)] shall, seven days following the closure of nominations, arrange for
the printing of ballot papers. These ballot papers shall contain the names of the candidates in alphabetical order.

The National Returning Officer will then cause each ballot paper to be initialled before dispatching papers to voters on Thursday 28 April 2011, this is the day the ballot opens.

Members must check with their Branch to ensure their current mailing address is correct on the union’s records.

The method of validly casting a vote is provided for in Sub-Rules 47(c) to (f) inclusive. The ballot material provided will contain voting instructions from the National Returning Officer. Absentee Voting is provided for where a member will not be present at the postal address provided in the Roll of

Voters during the ballot period. In these circumstances a member may apply in writing to the National Returning Officer to personally collect the ballot materials or to have them sent to an address nominated by the member. Such applications must be made before 5pm on Tuesday 7 June 2011.

Each candidate shall have the right to appoint not more than two scrutineers being financial members of the Union who shall be entitled to be present at all stages of the ballot. The appointment of scrutineers shall be by notice in writing signed by the candidate to the National Returning Officer. The rights and duties of scrutineers shall be to represent the interest of their appointing candidate. They shall be entitled to be present at all stages of the ballot while the Returning Officer carries out the procedures under the Rules and to direct the Returning Officer to any irregularity concerning the carrying out of any step in the ballot. They shall do all things necessary so that the secrecy of the ballot shall be observed. They shall not obstruct the Returning Officer in the performance of the Returning Officer’s duties nor interfere with the conduct of the ballot.

The National Returning Officer shall notify each candidate by post of the place and date of the Ballot Count at least 7 days prior to the count. The ballot closes at 5pm on Tuesday 14 June 2011 and only ballot papers received by the National Returning Officer by that time shall be counted, provided that a ballot paper contained in a prepaid envelope which is received by the National Returning Officer by 5pm on Monday 20 June 2011 bearing a post mark dated not later than 14 June 2011 shall be counted.

On Wednesday 15 June 2011 the National Returning Officer and the Deputy National Returning Officer shall attend at a place nominated by and under the control of the National Returning Officer in order to count the ballot.

The counting of the Ballot will be undertaken in conformity with MUA Sub- rules 47 (g) to (i) inclusive and be under the control of the National Returning Officer. Upon completion of the count, the National Returning Officer shall announce the result of the election in writing to the National Secretary and each Branch Secretary pursuant to Sub-Rule 47 (j). Any protests will be dealt with in conformity with Sub-Rule 47 (l).

If you would like a copy of the MUA Nomination form please click on the Download the PDF link or contact your local branch