MUA Division Climate and Renewable Energy Policy

MUA National Council has approved a new climate change and renewable energy policy.

The new policy recognises that global warming should be kept to 1.5 degrees to avoid catastrophic climate change, and that doing this requires moving to zero net carbon emissions by 2050 (meaning that any carbon released needs to be reabsorbed by trees or other processes). It calls for:

- campaigns to support the creation of low-carbon climate jobs,

- the need for significant public investment and planning to build new infrastructure and to ensure workers are not left behind,

- for the development of a regulatory framework to support offshore wind energy development,

- for keeping the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) out of offshore wind regulation,

- support for the CFMEU and ACTU’s campaign for an Energy Transition Authority to support workers in coal-fired power stations, and for such an agency to be expanded to cover other workers as necessary.

The new draft policy sits alongside the MUA’s 2016 National Conference resolutions, including the one on climate change and shipping.


Read the policy here: MUA 2019 Climate Change and Renewable Energy Policy