MUA Backs TWU In TNT Dispute

The Australian Transport Union Federation flexes its muscle in solidarity with transport workers locked in battle with multinational TNT

MUA National Secretary and President of the International Transport Workers' Federation Paddy Crumlin has pledged support for members of the Transport Workers Federation locked in dispute with corporate giant TNT.

For the last 3 months, the TWU reports delegates have been negotiating with TNT over an agreement that will set out their pay and conditions in the years to come.

TNT members, through surveying and endorsement, decided that their collective agreement should be used to protect conditions for all workers at TNT.

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The claim put forward by the TNT negotiating team will set in stone building blocks of fairness, security and safety in the industry.

Kevin Hoey, who’s been at TNT for 28 years, said:

“We’re asking for things that are needed for the whole industry - Site Rates to stop management bringing people in from outside, on dodgy awards undermining the rest of the workforce - so employees have a bit of security in their jobs again. Putting in dispute resolution clauses and delegates rights so their’s a chance to sort things out when they go wrong. Safe Rates Committees to keep the outside hire companies honest, to make sure they do a good - safe - job and pay the correct wages. Securing fair wage increases, and moving company contributions to Superannuation to 15%.”

Michael Kaine National Assistant Secretary, TWU writes:

So far, TNT management have systematically rejected all of these core demands, which has created a situation where TWU members feel they must strike in order to reach an outcome they deserve.

Kevin said: “Management have got their head in the sand, they’re not listening. We say forklift accidents are on the rise, tell them there’s 300 deaths involving heavy vehicles a year and they come back with nothing - nothing! A senior TNT negotiator said they’d “never ever ever agree to these conditions”.

TNT’s recent actions have been subpar. Take today’s development on TNT’s actions in flood-torn Queensland or last week in when TNT management in SA required the largely casual and labour hire shift to continue work at a site potentially contaminated with asbestos, providing only flimsy paper masks to a portion of them. It wasn't until Union representatives intervened that the workplace was evacuated.

The attitude of TNT management towards agreement negotiations has resulted in TWU Members deciding to take protected industrial action.

The TNT members have received solidarity support from unions from England, America, Canada, India, Japan, Australia and Turkey. If you support the efforts of TNT members to improve the industry write to Managing Director Bob Black and tell him.