MUA Backs Darwin Port Corp Inquiry

The Maritime Union of Australia strongly supports the call by Independent MLA Gerry Wood for an inquiry into the running of the Darwin Port Corporation.

"We are particularly concerned about the treatment of a number of our members at the DPC," said Branch Organiser Thomas Mayor.  "There seems to be a disregard for the rights of individuals in a democracy and a lack of proper and fair procedure."

The call for an inquiry comes from ongoing complaints by port users and unions and other stakeholders. 
The MUA has no hesitation in backing the call by Mr Wood for a wide ranging inquiry into the DPC and supports his public statements about the "low morale" of the workforce.
"Judging by the treatment of some of our members there is a need for me to speak out on this issue," said Mayor. I've had members accused of breaching codes of conduct with little regard to natural justice and simple democratic principles."

The MUA is aware of and has discussed with the stakeholders in the port, a distinct lack of confidence in how the port is being managed. The union is concerned that the combination of low morale within the DPC ranks and the problems that port users are having will impact on the ports productivity and reputation.
The Maritime Union of Australia in Darwin has a membership of almost 300 members in Darwin - stevedoring workers, seafarers, port workers and workers in offshore oil and gas. They depend upon the port infrastructure and the efficient running of the Port of Darwin.