MUA and CFMEU Vic-Tas Donate $20,000 To Striking Esso Workers at Longford

MUA Branches from across the country and the CFMEU Victorian-Tasmanian Branch have donated $20,000 to striking Exxon/UGL workers who have been on a picket line for 350 days.

Maritime Union of Australia National Divisional Womens Representative Mich-Elle Myers made the donation on behalf of the combined unions in Longford in Eastern Victoria today.

Myers said the dispute is the most significant workplace battle in Australia right now.

“What happened to these workers is no less than corporate bastardry,” she said.


"Exxon and their contractor UGL used a dodgy agreement to try and cut the wages of these workers. 

"It’s just like CUB or VICT, where management orchestrated a wage-slashing EBA that the workers themselves never agreed to.”

“We’re proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Longford workers. 

Almost a year fighting corporate greed deserves recognition and ongoing support.”

“What’s happening here could happen to any group of workers as long as the laws remain broken. 

We need to change the rules so employers like Exxon don’t have any loopholes to cut our wages.”

The dispute is heating up after Exxon security banned delegates from asking questions at the global shareholders’ meeting in Dallas last week. 

Hundreds of unionists will descend on the Longford gas plant on 28 June to mark the one year anniversary of the beginning of the dispute.