MUA Amalgamation with CFMEU Decision

This is a great day for our union, the TCFUA, CFMEU and the entire trade union movement in Australia and internationally.

The Fair Work Commission has recognised our legitimate right to form our new union with the overwhelming support of our membership.

I have recorded a message of thanks to those of you who voted in the ballot and supported this historic amalgamation here:

The employers have persistently tried to block the merger, together with Turnbull Government.

The only basis for this opposition is to further attack the rights of maritime, construction, forestry and manufacturing workers in this country.

It is nothing more than a response driven by their elitism and the fact their ideological agenda is threatened by the genuine interests of our members.

The employers will probably appeal but the members have spoken.

The Fair Work Commission has confirmed that voice and we will now continue to embark on forming the new union regardless of their opposition – legal, political, industrial or otherwise.

Congratulations to all members, officers, officials and staff for your overwhelming support that helped realise this historic day.

Yours in solidarity and unity.


Paddy Crumlin

National Secretary

Maritime Union of Australia