Message of solidarity from ITF for Spanish dockers

ITF President Paddy Crumlin has sent a video message of solidarity to Spanish dockworkers who are on strike today as part of their ongoing dispute over port liberalisation plans. 

Mr Crumlin made his comments at the ITF Dockers’ Section conference in Cape Town following the Spanish Parliament’s decision late last month to adopt a royal decree which could see hundreds of Spanish dockers lose their jobs.

"This law needs to be rejected. It is bad law. This is an issue that is not going to go away,” Mr Crumlin said.
"To the Spanish Government, wake up to yourselves. To the Spanish employers, wake up to yourselves.
"To the dockworkers in Spain, the ITF stands in solidarity next to you and we’re going to go the distance until your rights are reinstated." 

The speech by Mr Crumlin and other delegates at the ITF conference can be seen here: