Membership Training Gives Staff Opportunity to Exchange Ideas

Staff from around the country converged on the Victorian Branch last week to participate in membership training and development sessions. The event was run by GBST Unison – the company that has developed the software the MUA uses to run membership databases.

Once a year Unison users group together from a number of unions to discuss more efficient ways of using the integral software and to iron out any problems that have arisen throughout the year.

Lyza Rooks from the Queensland Branch said it was great to learn how other unions use the same system . “The ability to learn some tips from them has been great sharing of knowledge,” she said.


The Northern Territory’s Chelsea Crossen said she enjoyed the opportunity to meet people and network with the staff from the other MUA branches. “Coming from an office with only myself, I have learned so much from the other girls,” she said. “What a great bunch and strong, motivated and smart women we have in the branches.”

Carol Chalker from the South NSW Branch said the training gave her more insight into how Unison was created and updated. “I was also given an understanding as to why things can't happen immediately and that change takes time,” she said.

“It was also great to catch up and compare procedures with the lovely ladies from our branches.”


Lynne Holland from South Australia said the user group was a great way to get more understanding of the back-end of the system and look at how it works. “It also gives us a wider knowledge of administrator and branch user roles,” she said.

“Some good tips were picked up by all users at conference, and it is a good way to see different methods from other state branches that you may not know, and also how other Unions do things.

“Last but not least it is a great bonding time for our membership staff from other states who do not see each other very often.”


WA’s Talie Taylor said it was helpful to hear how other unions utilise Unison and to see the improvements coming up in the next version. “It was brilliant to exchange ideas and processes with the other MUA staff members, to put faces to names of newer staff and to catch up with those that have been around longer,” she said.


Queensland’s Kerri Bird said she had thoroughly enjoyed discussing with other branch staff more efficient ways to do membership processes. “Hearing about upcoming developments with Unison is encouraging,” she said.

“Mostly I have enjoyed meeting other Branch staff – it’s great to now be able to put a face to an email signature and I think branch relationships will only be enhanced after meeting everyone and sharing ideas. “