Members March to Malcolm Turnbull's Office

MUA members from across New South Wales rallied against Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Wednesday, further escalating our campaign against the Liberal government, in the lead up to the Federal Election.

The rally kicked off at Edgecliff station, where MUA members marched up to Turnbull’s office, in Sydney’s posh electorate of Wentworth.


The crowd - overflowing onto the streets, heard about the Government’s attacks on Australian seafarers and our shipping industry. Zach Kinzett from the MV Portland, told his story of being forcibly removed from his place of work by 30 security guards, something no worker should ever have to endure. 

MUA youth were at the forefront of this action, organising video projections to be shown which detailed the plight of Australian seafarers.      

“On behalf of the youth, we are going to keep fighting every single day. We owe it to all the future seafarers who want to work on our coasts and to ourselves to keep on fighting everyday. We can’t let people like Turnbull, Cash and Abetz stop us. We’ll keep fighting and I promise we will be back on those ships” said Ryan McGibbon Thompson.


The protestors were also showing solidarity to other workers who have been marginalised by the Turnbull Government’s refusal to support local industries.

“ Workers are in a consent battle with this Liberal government who are complicit in destroying our jobs and they aren’t even ashamed about it. They aren’t just doing this to seafarers. They are do it to meat workers in Townsville, to steel workers in Whyalla and Port Kembla” said Mick Cross.

As the Liberal Government continue their anti-worker regime, actively diminishing our living standards by undermining our penalty rates, refusing to support the Gonski scheme, and making cuts to Medicare, this protest was a call to action.

The MUA came to Turnbull‘s Sydney office to send him a direct message. We are actively campaigning in our communities and workplaces to boot him out of Government at the upcoming election.

“They have been taking our jobs away. If they are going to steal our jobs, we are going to steal theirs” said Sydney Branch Secretary, Paul McAleer.


While Turnbull didn’t greet the protesters, many passer-bys honked their horns in support, highlighting that job security has become a key election issue at this year's election.