Media Alert / Photo Opportunity

Protesters in costume from the film Avatar will be outside Rio Tinto’s headquarters in Melbourne tomorrow morning. They will be alerting the public to the mining giant’s on-going abuses of workers, the environment and indigenous people around the world.

The action, which also includes stilt-walkers and locked-out American workers, comes days after Rio Tinto’s annual general meeting in London where its treatment of people dominated coverage.

Who: Members of the Maritime Union of Australia, ILWU union from the United States and Avatar costumed protesters.

Where: Outside Rio Tinto’s headquarters, 120 Collins Street, Melbourne (near the corner of Russell)

When: 9.30—10.30 a.m. Thursday, 22 April

For more information:

Zoe Reynolds, Maritime Union of Australia, 0417.229.873

EMC, media, 0432.828.005