Maritime Union Applauds Indigenous Leader Pat Dodson’s Move to the Senate

The Maritime Union of Australia’s national conference today fully endorsed the announcement the “Father of Reconciliation,” Pat Dodson will fill a Senate vacancy - celebrating it as a win for all Australians.

 Pat Dodson at the inaugural Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Conference in Perth last year with ATSI Officer Terry O'Shane


The Indigenous Leader was put forward by the Labor Party this week as the replacement for outgoing West Australian Senator Joe Bullock.

MUA National Secretary Paddy Crumlin said Mr Dodson’s input in Federal Politics would also be a win for democracy.

“Pat Dodson has been a powerful voice and inspiring leader not just for our Indigenous peoples, but for our entire Australian community,” Mr Crumlin said.

Mr Dodson has spent much of his life bridging the divide between Indigenous and other Australians.

Last year he delivered an impassioned presentation to the MUA’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Conference – speaking of his past struggles and future direction.

The MUA has a long history of strong activism in support of the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people.

In January, the MUA helped win Darwin’s Larrakia People formal inclusion in employment talks over a $34 billion dollar Japanese gas plant being built on their traditional lands.

Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, the MUA has developed Social Compacts, which support traditional owners to negotiate beneficial use of their land.

The MUA also has spearheaded the union movement’s support for the Recognise Campaign, which calls for the removal of racial discrimination from the Constitution of Australia.

“Mr Dodson will help grow a strong nation for all Australians,” MUA WA Branch Secretary Chris Cain said.