US Maritime Labor Alliance Formed

Six of the United States leading maritime labor organizations, American Radio Association, Inlandboatmen's Union, International Longshoremen's Association, International Longshore & Warehouse Union, Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association, and International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots, have announced the establishment of a broad alliance to protect the interests of their members.

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On behalf of our members, we will vigorously protect our jurisdictions, working conditions and labor rights. Accordingly, we have established a new organization, the Maritime Labor Alliance.

The first order of business of the Maritime Labor Alliance was to receive a report from ILA President Harold Daggett on the status of USMX contract negotiations. Contingency plans regarding these negotiations were discussed and mutual support pledged.

A report was also received from International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) President Paddy Crumlin regarding a collective, global strategy to ensure that the rights and livelihoods of maritime workers are protected in the efforts to automate maritime workplaces as a means of union busting

Finally, the members of the alliance pledged their mutual support to defeat attacks on bona fide labor unions by organizations intent on undercutting working conditions and displacing incumbent workers.

We, the undersigned organizations, welcome a constructive dialogue to address the challenges facing our industry. But if threatened, we will not stand down.

It is on this basis that we will move forward in solidarity.

Robert McEllrath, President, ILWU

Michael Jewell, President, MEBA

Floyd Hepting, President, ARA

Harold Daggett, President, ILA

Timothy Brown, President, MM&P

Alan Cote, President, IBU