Maimed For Life

Alongside the spate of deaths on the Australian waterfront, are the maimed.

A study of Brisbane members shows 21 workers in the port have been so badly injured in the past seven years while they have not lost their lives, their have lost their livelihoods.

"Nothing compares with the loss of life of our members," said Deputy Branch Secretary Trevor Munday. "But the list of Brisbane members thrown on the industrial scrapheap as a result of workplace injuries is shocking."

The majority of the 21 members suffered back injuries, with three workers badly crushed and one suffering a wrist injury.  All were denied ongoing employment and could no longer work in the industry.

"These figures would no doubt be replicated in other ports," said Munday. "They are Injuries that have seen the main income provider (in many circumstances) denied ongoing employment.  The stress to their immediate family is something we have all witnessed first hand."

Of the 22 workers two were tradesmen, one foreman, one crane operator, three permanent stevedoring workers and the majority part time/casual workers (VSE/GWE).

The majority of accidents (eight) were at P&O Ports/POAGS where MUA member Brad Gray was killed earlier this year.  Six people were injured at DP World, four at Patrick terminals and three and Patrick Bulk and General.