M V Hammonia Internum

Report 00037

Defects or Issues Identified

  1. Safe access and lashing platform at Bay 01 to be provided as per MO Part 32. Cargo operations and lashing of containers to be supervised by Person in Charge until platform and sate access is rectified.(deficiency to be rectified within one month not later than 05/01/2013)
  2. Stowage of high cube containers in bays which have a low access way to be restricted such that of bays and locking of twistlocks can be safely affected as per MO 32. Lashing to be supervised by PIC. and rectification to be sought by Stevedore and ship/cargo planning Dept. Vessels command to make charterer's and ship planners aware of this issue. To be rectified within one month not later than 05/01/2013.
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