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Our second episode of Radio Stingray is jammed packed with informative and entertaining segments about the industrial, political and social pursuits of the MUA Sydney Branch and the wider union movement. Listen here.


In this episode of Radio Stingray:

  • Rank-and-file members Zachary Wone and Tony Cook discuss the MUA Sydney Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Committee
  • National Women’s Liaison Officer Mich-Elle Myers provides an update about domestic violence leave and the upcoming Women in Male Dominated Industries Conference
  • Learn about the union movements campaign to end wage injustice with Lara Watson from the ACTU
  • We chat all things ABCC with Brian Sparkles Parker from the CFMEU
  • Get the latest on workers’ comp with David Trainor from McNally Lawyers
  • Find out what’s happening in maritime workplaces with industrial reports from the Sydney Branch Officials

Listen here