Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Up until recently the MUA members on board were worried about their future in as much as the blue water fleet crewed by Australians on our coast was disappearing at an alarming rate . Now, thanks to the hard work done, and continuing to be done by you and our fellow officers both federal and state there appears to be more than just a light at the end of the tunnel.

Greetings Paddy, At the time of writing this ship the SS Endeavour River is inside the Great Barrier Reef, heading north to Singapore where its Australian crew will disembark for the final time after almost 30 years.

On returning to Australia MUA members have the opportunity to walk up the gangway of new tonnage owned by Rio Tinto and operating on the same Gladstone/Weipa run that the Endeavour River had been working for the past three decades.

The 80 per cent of Rio Tinto ships in Australia to be crewed by Australians bargained by you and Rio Tinto (re Government regulation and tonnage tax) fosters for more good news in the future.

We know there are bound to be problems in the future but we will  over come them so at present we are savouring the good news.

Once again thank you to you and all who assisted to get this outcome.

Yours in Solidarity

MUA crew SS Endeavour River