Liberation From The Neo-Liberal Straight Jacket

New book on global labour challenges and solidarity.

A new book "Global Restructuring, Labour and the Challenges for Transnational Solidarity" developed from World Social Forum in Nairobi (2007) and European Social Forum in Malmo (2008) is now available.

Mac Urata, ITF, has contributed to the publication, with an analysis of the successful action day campaigns in the ITF road transport section. 

Frank Hoffer,ILO Bureau for Workers' activities writes:

"Liberation from the neo-liberal straight-jacket of uncontrolled global economic power is impossible without the collective strength of working people. However, labour has to change in order to effect change.  This carefully edited book provides an excellent analysis of the formidable challenges a progressive labour agenda is facing. A must read for those who are concerned about global social justice and democratic self- determination."