Liberal MP Matt Williams Forced to Backtrack After Misleading Answer to MUA Question

Liberal MP for the South Australian seat of Hindmarsh Matt Williams was left red-faced after misleading viewers at a live debate last night. 

The MUA was present again at Paul Murray Live as the Sky News show airs on-the-road from the marginal seats. 

This time it was SA Branch Secretary Jamie Newlyn's turn to ask about the politicians' commitment to 'Jobs and Growth' in light of Australian seafarers being removed from Australian workplaces on the coast. 

After Newlyn has asked his question Wiliams responded in saying it was the first he had heard of the issue, which was rebutted by Newlyn who said he had been to Williams' office three times.

Williams was embarrassingly forced to admit that the MUA had been to his office and that he had not returned their requests for a meeting.

"I have had a lot of protesters come to my office and I have not had time to meet every protester, but I will have my staff follow it through with an answer," Williams said.