Labor gets tough on ships of shame

Transport minister announces tough fines up to $10m for ship companies polluting our coasts

Minister for Transport, Anthony Albanese announced today that  a re-elected Gillard Labor Government will impose some of the world's toughest fines - up to $10 million - on shipping companies caught polluting our precious marine environment.

Fines will also apply to ships putting the environment at risk.


Ships caught discharging oil into the sea will  face $10 million for a corporation and from $55,000 to $2 million for an individual.  The fine is currently $275,000.

A new offence of 'negligent navigation' that risks pollution or damage to the marine environment, bring with it fines of $5.5 million for a corporation, $2.2 million for an individual or up to 10 years prison.

And ships that fail to report their location when passing through the Mandatory Reporting area in the Great Barrier Reef and the Torres Strait - are open to fines of $5,500 to $132,000 for a corporation and $26,400 for an individual. 


MEANWHILE LloydsList DCN reports the Bulk carrier Ocean Emperor, which sustained several mechanical breakdowns after sailing from Hay Point in June was in the Coral Sea yesterday, re after her master was fined for several breaches of maritime law.